Will you go see the new Austin Powers 4? Beyonce and Lady Gaga supporting roles?

Yes! There’s word that Mike Myers will return to the big screen for his fourth sequel of Austin Powers.

Are you an Austin Powers fan? I sure am! Which one is your favorite?

I’m a fan of the second one (Number 2..hehee)

Perez Hilton just dished and said that the directors of the films, Jay Roach and Mike Myers are putting together ideas for Austin Powers 4. They say, “Austin will go somewhere you haven’t though of.”

I’m thinking that Beyonce and Lady Gaga would be cast in this next flick because of their celebrity. What do you think? Do you think that they would be nice additions to the movie?

Many people are outraged about the “Telephone” video that the two just collaborated in. The Insider says that the video promotes violence, sex and drugs and is a VERY BAD influence.

You can watch video clips from Austin Powers (Hilarious Mo-Lee) and the Telephone video below!

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