Will You Support Jodi Arias?

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With the sentencing retrial scheduled for mid-February, it seems Jodi Arias is already turning to her support network to fund her intended appeal.  Surprisingly, there is a lot of support behind this woman, though probably not as much as those supporting her victim and his family.  Arias was convicted of premeditated, first degree murder on May 8, 2013, nearly 5 years after she brutally murdered her lover, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him 27 times, slitting his throat, and shooting him in the head.

Reaching out: Accused murderer Jodi Arias, pictured last week, is selling 'Survivor' T-shirts via her website to help victims of domestic violence

The original jury who convicted her was unable to reach a unanimous decision about her fate.  Will she be sentenced to die, or will she get life in prison?  This question still looms, as there has been no plea deal reached.  Another jury will make the decision as to what will become.  But the American justice system says that doesn’t have to be the final word.  Even if sentenced to death, it is possible she could live out the rest of her years in prison before exhausting all appeals.  

Which goes back to the point, Jodibands.  These little rubber bracelets promote the Justice 4 Jodi webpage, where you can make a donation right through your PayPal account to aid in paying her legal fees.  These bracelets are available to order at jodispage.com for a whopping $25.00 a piece.  Also there, you can follow a live feed of Jodi’s Twitter account, ghostwriter unknown.

The bracelet idea is not a new one, as many Justice For Travis supporters will tell you.  Since the beginning of the trial, blue rubber wristbands have been a hot ticket item, sporting “Justice for Travis.”  The costs was low, about $1.00 each, with the proceeds going to the Alexander family to use in travelling back and forth to Mesa for the trial.

This media spectacle is getting ridiculous.  The fact that she is sitting in prison, getting off on her “notoriety” is disgusting.  After the brutality of the crime she committed, she should be constantly racked with guilt, not making snarky comments via Twitter and shamelessly promoting herself.  The fact that there are actually people out there believing that Travis was killed in self defense and that Jodi Arias should be free is astounding.  After all of her lies, how can you believe anything that she says?  

Will you be one of the mindless Jodi supporters that buys a bracelet, with hopes that Jodi will one day be free?  Or will you simply visit the sites and laugh at the childishness of the presentation and the ridiculously inflated price?  

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