Willard Mitt Romney Would Be a Great Neighbor, Not a Great President

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The “real” Mitt Romney is named Willard Mitt Romney, born March 12, 1957 in Detroit, Michigan (although no one has seen the birth certificate to prove that), seventieth Governor of Massachusetts and current Republican Presidential nominee.

He’s been married for 42 years to his high school sweetheart, has 5 sons and 18 grandchildren. He’s a good husband and father. He’s also very good in business. He’s the founder and CEO of Bain Capital, starting the company at age 37 (he’s now 65). As of 2007, his reported net worth was somewhere around $200 million. He’s the definition of success.

Along the way, he also was an unpaid lay pastor at his church (The Church of Latter Day Saints) for 10 years. He ran the winter Olympics in 2002 in Utah, donating his entire salary to charity. And both he and his Lt. Governor Kerry Healey both gave up their salaries during his term as Governor of Massachusetts. Pretty impressive.

Is Washington D.C. the place for such a nice guy? Or will partisan politics be too much for Mittens to handle?

President George W. Bush may have had some misguided views on how and where to lead the country but one thing can be said for him, he never wavered in his conviction to do what he thought was right. It all turned out to be very bad for America, but he didn’t etch-a-sketch on his promises.

Kerry Healey spoke at the RNC last night, defending saint Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts. She said, “Mitt Romney knew how to make a decision.” She also told the crowd that Massachusetts had the best schools in the nation, that she and Mitt cut taxes 19 times and that unemployment was down to 4.7 percent when Mitt left office.

The Facts

While Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, unemployment was 4.8 when he took office. It reached a high of 6 percent in August 2003. It slowly and steadily declined to 4.6 percent by January of 2007 when he left office.

When President Obama took office in January 2008, the national unemployment rate was 5 percent. It reached a record high during his term to 10 percent in October 2009. It too slowly and steadily is declining to the current rate of 8.3 percent.

Cutting Taxes 19 Times?

There were 19 tax measures passed: a biotech manufacturing jobs rebate, a prescription drug and property tax break for seniors, tax breaks for veterans, and a deduction for automatic sprinkler system installers. He also passed sales tax holidays, but there was also a one year delay on capital gains taxes that saved the state $250 million before he took office.

He also increased revenues by $700 million by adding fees to virtually everything he could. Licensing fees, home buying fees, as well as brand new fees proposed by Romney. The Republicans are way sneakier than the Democrats. The Democrats take your money in taxes. The Republicans just nickel and dime you to death on every single purchase, but reduce your tax bill to make it look like they are saving you money when in reality, they are taking more of your money.

Best Schools in the Nation?

According to U.S. News and World Report in November 2007, the top Massachusetts high school is 19th on the list. According to Newsweek in 2010, Massachusetts doesn’t make the top five. Were they the best in the nation prior to November 2007? Depends on where you get your information.

Is Willard Mitt Romney an evil man? Not at all.

Does he have the conviction to be a leader? A leader of the free world? Not at all.

The Romneys would make GREAT neighbors, just not a great First Family.

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