William and Kate Could Be Beckham Baby Godparents

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William and Kate just might be named the godparents of Victoria and David Beckham’s baby girl (if the celebrity couple gets their way, that is).

The Beckhams reportedly would love for Prince William and Kate Middleton to be named the godparents of their soon-to-be born daughter, a baby whose arrival will likely be greeted with the same enthusiasm as a royal birth. After all, David and Victoria Beckham are pretty close to being royalty — they did have the distinct honor of being two of the very few celebrities invited to the royal wedding.

Victoria and David BeckhamHaving the royal couple agree to be the godparents of her baby would definitely help cheer up poor Victoria Beckham. She’s so far along in her pregnancy that she just couldn’t muster up the energy to greet William and Kate during their short stay in L.A., so David Beckham had to meet and greet them alone at the British Consul-General’s official residence.

It’s such a shame that William and Kate’s stay couldn’t last just a day or two longer — reports now say that Victoria is due to give birth today, so it would have been lovely if they could have met her. It would have especially been a good experience for Kate, who probably has babies on the brain quite a bit (she is expected to produce a royal heir ASAP, after all). And of course the Beckhams still have to ask William and Kate if they will be the godparents of their baby girl.

But it’s hard to imagine that they’ll say no to the Beckhams’ request once they see their baby — with her genes, the little girl will have the whole world wrapped around her finger the moment she is born (in other words, she’ll be a princess like her godmother).

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