William and Kate: First Born Daugther Gets Support from Queen

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Prince William and Kate Middleton haven’t even announced a pregnancy, but Queen Elizabeth is showing her support for their first-born daughter. Britain is working to overturn the sexist tradition of male heirs inheriting the monarchy before their older sisters. Daily Mail reports the Queen will see to it the great-granddaughter born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have a different future than all royals before her.

The Queen let David Cameron know she wants to see change in the archaic system. She feels female heirs deserve the same rights as their male siblings.

In order for the first-born daughter of William and Kate to enjoy that perk, 15 commonwealth countries must approve the modification in order to change the law.

How will this affect the entire British Royal family if such a tradition is actually broken and women have the same rights as men? It could get fairly sticky if that law is passed in England. Would it be an open and shut decision, or would feuds within the Royal family take place?

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