William Levy and Katherine Jenkins Lead on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Latin lover, William Levy, and British babe, Katherine Jenkins, took the lead this week on Dancing With the Stars. However, it was Katherine’s red-hot, pitch perfect Argentinian Tango that stole the show. She upstaged Levy and even showed up some of the show’s professional female dancers.

Jaleel White started off the evening with a strong Salsa that showed he had the moves. His score was 24. Maria Menounos left her broken ribs and foot behind, along with a hurt chin, to deliver a blazing Salsa. She scored 27. Gavin DeGraw played it too loose, calling to last place with a score of 19. Donald Driver amused and confused with an on again, off again Tango that earned 27 points.

Melissa Gilbert Returns to Conquer

Melissa Gilbert put last week’s injury behind her by asking her partner to put the trick that caused her problems into this week’s routine. This time she survived, delivering a simmering Salsa.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said she had “fire” but that she just wasn’t always on top of the beat. Carrie Ann agreed but praised for growing confidence. She called some of her movements “fierce” and “sexy.” Len Goodman said the dance had great rhythm much of the time. The rest of it, however, was “untidy” and “rough.”

The couple scored perfect 7’s for a total score of 21. That put them just above Gavin DeGraw in the standings.

Katherine Jenkins Becomes a Temptress

Sweet, shy Katherine Jenkins disappeared this week. A new, confident, in control Katherine emerged to deliver a scorching Argentinian Tango. The singer proved she had legs that couldn’t be matched, even by a few of the Dancing With the Stars pros.

Judge Len Goodman said the dance was like a rose. It was full of beauty. However, it also had thorns; moments of sharpness and menace. He called it “bittersweet.” Bruno said the dance and the choreography was of the finest quality. He called the performance sheer perfection. Carrie Ann told Jenkins she had the best legs that ever appeared on the show. She called the performance “poetry in motion.”

The couple fell one point short of perfection. Their score was 29. The hold out, with a 9 was head judge, Len Goodman.

Gladys Knight Commands the Ballroom

Dressed in stunning turquoise and green with sassy feathers and glimmering beads, there was no ignoring the Empress of Soul on the dance floor. While a few of Knight’s steps seemed tentative, overall she attacked it all with determination.

Len Goodman, said she was “easy on the eyes” and “natural” on the dance floor with “great musicality.” Bruno told her she knew how to play to the audience. He called her “magic.” Carrie Ann remarked on some tiny missteps, but agreed that Knight commanded the stage.

The couple scored 22 points. That put them third from the bottom.

Roshon Fegan Channels William Levy

The fiery Disney dude got his dancing competitor to show him some moves for this week’s Salsa. He didn’t need them. He had his own as he wooed his partner, Chelsie Hightower’s tropical bird of paradise.

Judge Bruno Tonioli called Fegan “wired for the Salsa.” He called him “exuberant,” “energetic” and “always on beat.” Carrie Ann said he had his own kind of sexy mojo. Len Goodman said he liked the enthusiasm and that he attacked at full speed. However, he felt he needed to slow down somewhat.

The couple scored 26 points. Len withheld the 9 that would have sealed their evening.

Tune in on ABC tonight at 9:00 p.m. to see who gets sent home.

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