William Levy: From ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to Zorro

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William Levy is, arguably, the resident hunk on Dancing with the Stars this season, but whether he wins or loses the TV talent show, this man has plans. Hollywood plans.

If he gets his way, his next move will not be a dance move. Instead, Levy will make a grand jeté from DWTS to the movies. In fact, his dream role is that of Zorro, the ultimate Latin hero.

As William told Access Hollywood, “Since I started acting, my goal was to work in Hollywood. It was a dream, you know, that I’ve been having all these years. So, we are trying to… achieve that dream.”

That dream doesn’t seem to be out of reach for this heart throb who has women screaming and howling every time he appears on Dancing with the Stars. That said, if his charisma and sex appeal can translate from the small screen to the big screen (and there’s little doubt that would be true), then this Cuban-born thespian could be making this big leap very soon.

And so, as William Levy seeks to move on from being a ballroom dancer to becoming a movie star, and, ultimately, that iconic outlaw who always wears a mask, there’s probably only one part of this dream that won’t sit well with some fans: They won’t be able to see this gorgeous man’s gorgeous face if he gets to be in character in the way he has always wanted to be.

Still, time will tell for William Levy, a hit on Dancing with the Stars and a sure hit if he plays Zorro, because mask or no mask, this is one guy who doesn’t need his pretty face to carry off his massive appeal as a sexy presence.

That said, would you enjoy seeing Levy as Zorro? Thoughts?

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