William Shatner Tweets to Outer Space

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William Shatner knows a lot about fictional space. But this week, he made a big splash on Twitter by talking to a real astronaut who is actually in space.

Shatner began the exchange by asking Commander Chris Hadfield, who is on the International Space Station, if he was actually tweeting from space. Hadfield responded, “Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.”

As the Entertainment on Today website reported, the Canadian Space Agency then got involved in the exchange, tweeting to Shatner that they would love to have him come in and chat live with Hadfield and have a look around agency headquarters. (William Shatner is originally from Montreal.) Shatner said that he could not promise, but he would try.

Hadfield had the best line in the exchange, though, when he tweeted a photo of himself in his Canadian space uniform and stated, “I’m proud of being Canadian, but after yesterday’s twitter conversation am starting to question wearing this red shirt.”

What television show today is going to be so remembered that years after its end, people will be sending messages from space joking about it, and those who read the message will get the joke?

This reporter has had the opportunity to meet many people involved in NASA and other elements of the space industry, and almost all of them have been or still are fans of Star Trek. And the bold, charismatic Captain Kirk is still the very model of what many leaders in space would like to be. Therefore, it is lovely to see the future that was imagined back in the early days of Star Trek becoming reality, as casual conversation flows back and forth from earth to space.

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Wiliam Shatner

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