William Shatner will not be in ‘Star Trek 2′ – Will Leonard Nimoy?

William Shatner will not be in “Star Trek 2!” Talk about peeved, Shatner wasn’t even in the first “Star Trek” film, directed by J.J. Abrams. On the other hand, Lenard Nimoy had a huge role in the first “Trek” film! So, why is Shatner shut out a second time?

File:William Shatner.jpgRecently, the actor talked about the no-show in “Star Trek 2″ at the Calgary Comic Expo. Shatner told the crowd, “I have become an acquaintance of J.J. as of late but I’m afraid no…I will not be in Star Trek 2.” Now, how disappointing is that?

Interestingly, Leonard Nimoy is “retired” so a cameo for “Star Trek 2″ is probably not going to happen.

If Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner’s side kick, was able to take a huge role in the first film, why couldn’t Shatner take the reins for film #2? Despite the silliness that William Shatner’s real life persona has evolved to, he’s still a core player in the “Star Trek” series.

Readers, share your thoughts. Shouldn’t J.J. Abrams write Shatner into the script? Sure, Chris Pine makes an awesome young “Kirk.” However, even at Shatner’s advance age, he’s still a handsome man and he still deserves a cameo in the “Star Trek” film!

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