William Will Cook Kate Middleton A Special Anniversary Dinner

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are about to mark the first wedding anniversary of their massive royal wedding. The wedding has been dubbed the wedding of the century, but do not expect their first anniversary celebration to be anywhere near as fantastic. The couple has no plans to celebrate their special occasion in the glare of the public eye.

Instead, they are planning a quiet evening in. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge most likely have a flock of servants who could order or cook up a romantic meal for their private celebration, but they are bucking the formalities and doing something entirely different. According to one source that claims to know the inner workings of the couple, William has something special planned.

The source claims, “William is cooking for them.” After a long day at work, if he doesn’t have the day off that is, he is going to get his royal butt in the kitchen and whip up a meal for his bride. Apparently, “It’s a joke between them that his culinary skills were what originally wooed Kate all those years ago.” If this little tidbit of information is true, it is one of the most romantic gestures ever!

The rest of their evening will be just as mundane, “They’ll probably watch a DVD and reflect on the past year.” Catherine loves reality television, so maybe they will catch up on their favorite shows. The insider points out, “It’s not very glamorous, but they’re very happy.” That is all that really matters. The simplest things in life are often the best. Kate Middleton and Prince William have proven time and again they like to be as normal as possible every chance they get.

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