Willow Smith: A fashion trendsetter at Armani show in Milan

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Nine-year-old daughter of Will and Jada, Willow Smith was sure the fashion trendsetter at the Armani show in Milan today.

In fact, Just Jared called the tiny talent a “fashionista”.

This youngest member of the artistic family (and a singer in her own right) sure did show up to the event in Italy as quite the hipster. Her wardrobe choices were choice: A black bolero, lace-up boots, lace-up white tights, a striped hanging bag, a newsprint dress, and on and on.

Well, you get the idea. Willow was one done-up preteen. Take a look at photos from the Armani show today to check out this styling Smith.

Which begs the question: Do you think this is a good way to role model for all the wannabes her age? After all, wouldn’t it be really tough for parents to give their kids this kind of loot to put on and prance around in?

That said, all we have to do is look to Suri to see that even in the celebrity world, keeping up with the Cruises means lots of fab clothes and an eye for style.

That’s something Willow has in spades as this Smith is ever the fashion trendsetter, especially at the Armani show in Milan today. Thoughts? Thanks.



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