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I soar on wings of angels

for mine are battered and torn;

Beaten, used, and shaken,

mine are so very worn;

My wings are but earthly wings,

prone to not always fly;

I long to soar flawlessly,

and I continue to try.

Sometimes when

I am flailing about,

the earth comes at me fast;

It is then I feel those

heavenly wings,

so very strong and vast.

They take me up

to the highest heights

and we soar into the blue;

I know that wings of angels

will always carry me through.

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I am easy-going, and love to laugh and smile. I have a positive outlook on life, and still have many dreams to fulfill. I am a very mulit-faceted person and consider myself to be a walking oxymoron at times. I'm still searching for the real me....

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