Winter Storms Now Have Names: Watch Out for Gandolf, Helen or Iago!

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While many in the Northeast and New England regions are still shoveling out from the latest winter storm that dropped anywhere from an extra few inches to an extra foot of snow, they may find themselves confused when they hear winter storms all of a sudden being adorned with a proper name, not just one given by the media.

File:Cars in snowstorm.JPGFreyr is just one of the many names chosen for the 2012-13 winter season. Don’t confuse Freyr with Euclid, who visited last week from the West Coast, spreading Christmas cheers for children home on school vacations across the country and ruining the travel plans of countless residents in her path.

The Weather Channel explains this change is intended to bring more awareness to the dangers of winter weather and winter storms; sure, it might look beautiful and be fun, but more people need to take this dangerous weather more serious and listen to the forecasters when they advise people to stay off the roads. Just following a few warnings can save lives.

Now people can finally rejoice in the colder regions as recognition is being given to the weather they face; no longer will they be overshadowed by warm weather storm systems!

Another possible reason for this change may be for the media. No longer can every storm be “snowmageddon” with these new names, now reporters for all outlets will have to go with the given name of the storm. Residents living in the Northern United States and Canada should prepare to hear more about Gandolf (not to be confused with the J.R.R. Tolkien character which is spelled with an a), Nemo, Plato, Q, Virgil, Yogi, and others!

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