Wisconsin teachers get what they deserve: budget cuts

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Wisconsin governor Scott Walker today signed a new state budget that will cut nearly $800 million from public schools. This action has angered many on the Left and has particularly earned the scorn of the teachers union. Mary Bell of WEAC called the budget cuts an “attack on public education,” but this action by the state’s Republicans is really a well-deserved attack on the teachers union.

The teachers union is a major supporter of the Democrats in Wisconsin, and therefore fair game for budget cuts from the political opposition. And while the Democratic supporting teachers union claims that these cuts will affect students, they will only do so if the teachers union insists on teachers receiving the same generous benefits they are currently receiving.

In other words, if the teachers do not make some financial concessions, the children of Wisconsin will suffer. Does anyone think the teachers will sacrifice their luxurious benefits for the sake of the children? While the answer is most likely no, only time can reveal the truth.

The teachers union cannot side with Democrats and then think there will be no consequences when Republicans gain power. For years the teachers union, and other public sector unions, have benefited from Democratic patronage. Now it is time for them to suffer for choosing the wrong side; the teachers must pay for their political support of the Democrats. And they will pay nearly $800 million.

If the teachers of Wisconsin do not want to suffer from political ups and downs, they should not devote themselves to only one political party. It was their complete and open support of the Democrats that has brought down the wrath of the Republicans. If the teachers do not want to suffer for the mistakes of their political allies, then do not become allies.

In the end, the teachers and their union brought this down upon themselves and it is they who should alone suffer. This new budget better have some provisions that deny the teachers the ability to keep their generous pay and benefits packages. The teachers must be made to shoulder the burden, not the children.

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