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Now just look at this book Cover

It’s showing off my face

For I am publishing my poems

On a site called Create Space


It is a publish yourself place on Amazon

And it is absolutely free

I have to tell you truthfully

That ‘s the price for me


Pam Brittian, one of our own

Helped me tremendously

I don’t have the right word processor

I have to tell you, she helped patiently


I’ve never done anything like this before

But always wanted to

I found the site and told her

She offered, I accepted, wouldn’t you?


We are still looking at the proof

Making sure we crossed every T

Being as careful as I can

Because this book represents Me


Just wanted you all to know

That you can do it too

I highly recommend the process

Directions are there, Giving you a clue


To say I am excited

Is an understatement of the facts

Don’t know if anyone will read it

But I’m playing Jumping Jacks,


With Love, Elsie

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I am 87 years old, White hair, 5 foot 6 inches, Nice build, friendly, outgoing and compassionate

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