Witness in Lindsay Lohan Theft Case Claims Necklace is Worth $800

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Lindsay Lohan’s legal team have dug up an interesting witness in her necklace theft hearing. This particular witness could be the one key in getting her off the hook once more.

Lindsay has since stopped denying that she stole the necklace and that she wasn’t even in the store and now has moved on to gathering witnesses that can save her backside from a state prison term. This latest search uncovered an unnamed man that can and will testify that the necklace is by far not valued at the $2,500 that the media has been reporting it to be.

The witness had inquired about the necklace in question at the shop and was told that it was worth just $800. This inquiry happened quite some time before Lindsay had entered the store and expressed an interest in the one-of-a-kind piece.

“This witness will completely exonerate Lindsay and prove that the necklace isn’t worth $2,500, and prove that she shouldn’t have been charged with a felony,” Michael Lohan told Radar Online.

In addition, TMZ has unearthed news that there are several jewelers that are in agreement that the necklace is worth between $800 and $1,000.

This news is particularly huge because whether Lindsay stole the necklace or not isn’t an issue for her felony case. The issue is clearly in the value of the item in question. In California, if the item is valued at $900 or less, then the crime is not a felony, but rather a misdemeanor.

However, Lindsay and her father cannot rejoice just yet as the deputy isn’t going to revoke the felony charge on that news alone.

Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers tells TMZ, “If Shawn (Lindsay’s lawyer) presents me with credible evidence of value, we will take a look at it.  But based upon what’s in front of us — what the store owner and designer said — the necklace is worth $2,500.”

In short, it’s a battle for the jury to decide. As of now the jury is out, but there’s still a silver lining that the Lohans are certainly clinging to.

Do you think that the felony charge will be thrown out based on these jewelers and the unknown man coming forward? Or will she still be tried for a felony? Weigh in below.

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