Witnesses on Utoya Island in Norway Say There Was a 2nd Shooter

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Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged mastermind of the attacks on Norway, was a member of a Nazi forum called Nordisk for the past several years. He also was outspoken against immigrants in Norway. He may have plotted and carried out the attacks with another person. Did he have an accomplice at the attack on Utoya Island?

Some witnesses at Utoya Island have said there was a second shooter on the island. A Norwegian journalist, Ketil B. Stensrud sent out a message on Twitter that said “Utoya eye-witness: I’m certain that I heard shooting from two different directions. Then I saw another man, about 180 cm tall,” reports the Guardian.

It is very disturbing to think that another gunman could still be free. It is unknown if anyone on the island managed to take a picture of the alleged second shooter. If there is someone else who plotted or participated in the attacks, hopefully they will be caught soon.

Anders Behring Breivik had created online social media accounts. He may have used social media to ensure that his motivation for the attacks would be clear after the attacks. There are too many people using the Internet for hate speech and to gather with like-minded people such as neo-Nazi groups and terrorists.

Now Norway has to work to make sure the police have arrested all people involved in the attacks. Then the country has to regain normalcy and recover a feeling of peace and safety. This will take time and will be a difficult task. The young age of many of the survivors means that their lives are impacted by terrorism at an age where they are just starting to explore the world and develop independence.

Eski Pedersen, Leader of the Labor youth movement, was on Utoya Island at the time of the attacks. He stated “The gunman took from his victims their lives. But he can’t take away what they believed in: tolerance and anti-racism,” notes the Guardian.

Thus far the death toll for the attacks in Norway is at 92. How could anyone feel they have a right to murder people? Terrorism is incomprehensible and alerts the world that evil is an ongoing problem in humanity.

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