Wolf Blitzer Believes It Was Smart for Obama to Blow off Israel [Video]

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Wolf Blitzer made an inane comment that surely reflects the mainstream media’s obsession with getting President Obama re-elected, despite any potential ramifications for America’s relationship with Israel.

It is a revealing insight into the irresponsible mainstream media’s mindset. They are so obsessed with Obama winning in November, that they are willing to disregard foreign policy. The potential ramifications of dissing Netanyahu are alien to them.

Blitzer says, “In the scheme of things, who is going to get you more votes? A meeting that could be tense with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or go on Letterman and come across as well as he did last night.


The possibility of a “tense” meeting with Israel should be more of a concern than David Letterman for President Obama, who happens to have been elected to do a job for the American people. It is certainly not in America’s best foreign relations interest to go around dissing world leaders for television shows.

Wolf Blitzer and the mainstream media have become so entrenched in their narrative that they are indeed “out of touch” with the American people.

Watch the bizarre comment here:

Image Source: CS Monitor

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