Woman Ashton Kutcher Accused of Sleeping With Gets Lawyer

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Ashton Kutcher could be in really big trouble now. It seems the woman he has reportedly been sleeping with (and cheating on wife Demi Moore with) has hired herself a lawyer.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the Three and a Half Men star supposedly engaged in a night of drunken sex last Friday–with Ashton cheating on wife Demi. Now the woman he is accused of cheating with has gone into hiding and lawyered up.

The young woman in question has not yet been identified, but is very upset about the entire incident. A source says she will be meeting with that lawyer on Tuesday evening.

How sad that this is all taking place after Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have been married for six years. In fact, their sixth wedding anniversary was the day after Ashton reportedly cheated on Demi.

Do you think this is yet another case of “he said–she said” or is it possible that Ashton Kutcher really did cheat on Demi Moore this time? People have long wondered about the vast difference in their ages, and whether or not that could create problems for the pair down the road.

It seems they’ve both been down a rather rocky road this time, and with the involvement of a lawyer on one woman’s behalf, the world could soon know for sure if Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore.

Do you think the Three and a Half Men star cheated? Or is someone out to seriously mess up this new acting opportunity he has received?

Charlie Sheen? Where exactly are you right now? Ashton Kutcher is probably not winning at this very moment. Do you have anything to do with that?

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