Woman Dies From McDonald’s Fumes at Fast Food Restaurant

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A woman died and McDonald’s fumes in the restroom are a probable cause of her death. Nine others at the Georgia fast food restaurant were sickened and treated.

Having a Happy Meal or any other favorite combo was not so pleasant at the Pooler franchise site owned by John Palmaccio and his wife.

On Thursday, authorities were called to the scene to investigate two women found unconscious in the lady’s room.

McRetroUpon arrival, police and firemen discovered two women in the public lavatory, unresponsive Anne Felton, 80, a retired woman from Ponte Vedra, Florida, and Carol Barry, 56, of Jacksonville.

They were transported to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Sadly, the Georgia woman died from the McDonald’s fumes thought to be behind the sickening of other patrons.

All together, five customers, including Anne Felton and one worker at the fast food restaurant were taken to the hospital. Carol Barry is listed in good condition.

The fire chief on the scene said the smell was very strong, but at this time there is no source of the fumes that led to the woman’s death at McDonald’s, nor could the odor be identified.

Three Pooler firemen out of the 60 that responded to the scene, were sickened like the woman who died from the McDonald’s fumes.

“There are a lot of theories, but there was nothing we could see, and we were unable to find the cause. Possibly during the autopsy there will be for sure answers, but as of now, there is no definitive answer,” Fire Chief Simmons said to the media.

It’s a stark reminder of the events of 9/11 when police and firemen responded to the World Trade Center disaster without a clue about what was going on. And risking their safety, many of them were sickened by exposure to unknown fumes from a host of sources.

The owners of the fast food restaurant where the woman died from the McDonald’s fumes said this about the Punte Vedra woman’s death:

“My wife and I are deeply saddened by this tragic incident,” franchisee John Palmaccio said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families who have been impacted.”

Hopefully, the autopsy reveals the true source of what made the patrons and firemen sick so that the measures can be put in place to prevent another tragedy like this from occurring.

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