Woman Murders Two Children

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Elzbieta Plackowska of Naperville, IL was charged with two counts of first degree murder for stabbing her 8-year-old son and a 5-year-old girl. Why would a mother do that? First, she claimed that an intruder had killed the two children as well as the family dogs while she had been outside. Then she said she did it to hurt her husband. Her third story goes something like this: She had heard the devil and killed the children to protect them from demons. Regardless of her reasoning, something in this woman has snapped. It seems that her story-changing will be leading to an insanity plea, which is ridiculous. While it is very likely that something in this 40-year-old woman has snapped, she should not get off that easy for this brutal crime.

Justin Plackowski and Olivia Dworakowski (Naperville Community Unit School District 203/Facebook)Before committing this crime, she had taken the children to her church, but couldn’t get in, so she took them back to her home. In the master bedroom, she forced the two youngsters to their knees and made them pray. After telling the children they were going to heaven and listening to them plead for their lives, she stabbed her son, Justin Plackowski, more than 100 times, and Olivia Dworakowski around 50 times, she went back to the church. When she still couldn’t get in, she called and left a message stating that she had done something bad and needed help.

The little girl’s mother had called police Tuesday evening when she came home from work and couldn’t enter the house. When police broke down the door, they saw what Naperville Police Chief Bob Marshall called the most gruesome and horrific crime scene he had seen in his 30 years of law enforcement. They walked down the “blood soaked hallway” to the bedroom where they found the tiny bodies of the murdered children.

This is a terrible tragedy. Two young lives were taken far too early from this world by a crazy woman, who they trusted. It’ unfair that they will be unable to experience the good life may have had in store for them. Hopefully, Elzbieta Plackowska will be justly punished for what she’s done. What would the ideal punishment be? Death? Life in prison? Neither of these will bring back the lives lost, and honestly, she doesn’t deserve to live. This is a case where no good will come of it. There won’t be new laws enacted to save future children or anything like that. Could this have been prevented? Probably not, but there is still a demand for justice.

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