Woman Naked Waist Down on New York Subway Due to Heat Wave (Video)

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Due to the heat wave, a woman got naked from the waist down while riding a New York City subway car and, the best part: it was all caught on video. The female passenger can be seen nonchalantly pulling down her pants and panties before holding onto the top arm rail. The other passengers are in shock and disbelief at the sight before them but the woman just stands there letting the subway breeze grace her exposed genitals and buttocks.

It takes big balls (or in this case big ovaries) to do what this woman did. Who knows, maybe she will have started a trend and now New York City subway cars will be filled with naked passengers. There’s no denying how incredibly hot it has been for residents of NYC and those in other parts of the country but most people aren’t comfortable enough to publicly show off their muff.

Eh, what do you think about this eccentric lady? Should she be praised for dropping her pants and panties or should she be arrested? Or should she have gone a step further and taken off her top too? Seriously, what’s wrong with getting naked on the subway? There’s no reason to be shy of being nude in front of others, right? Not if you’re headed to a mental facility and this lady surely must have been.

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