Woman politician quits over nude photos

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A prominent Malaysian opposition legislator resigned today after photographs of her sleeping naked were circulated to the public by cell phone, an embarrassing disclosure that she slammed as a plot to discredit her party.

The People’s Justice Party, however, told 37-year-old Elizabeth Wong to go on extended leave, and said it will decide later whether to accept her resignation from the central Selangor state assembly.

It is the latest incident in Malaysian politics to intrude into the private lives of politicians, most of whom have been opposition figures. Among them was People’s Justice Party leader Anwar Ibrahim who has been accused of sodomy twice. The government has denied a role in the scandals, including Wong’s pictures.

In an emotional news conference, Wong, a well-known human rights activist, did not deny that the pictures in question were of her.

She said it was “an insidious and underhanded attempt” to smear her reputation, adding that “the real objective is to discredit the party.”


At first I thought “what kind of woman is she if she’s being photographed nude while sleeping?”  then I read on and found out that the photos probably came from her ex-boyfriend.  I’m sure he’s gonna have some ‘splainin to do!

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