Woman Reunited With Kids after 34 Years

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A woman, Victoria Rohring, was reunited with her children after 34 years. Rohring’s  ex-husband told her the kids had died in a car crash in October 1976, but she never believed it. Scott and Karen Black were thought to be dead. She tried to get help from the courts, but the courts said she had to know where her children were for them to help.

The ex-husband of Rohring was Jimmy Black, and he and his family claimed the children were dead, and that Black was seriously injured in the crash that allegedly killed her children.

The children, Scott and Karen Black, became suspicious of their father who told them various stories. He now says the mother knew where the children were but didn’t care. He told the children so many different stories that the children started looking for their mother in the mid-nineties.

However the Internet was not what it is today, so they finally found one another recently. Rohring was living in Rochester, New York.  When the mom came to see her kids, they wouldn’t let her out of the car because they kept hugging her through the window.

As for the father of the children, they forgive him. He is elderly now, and what good is it to hold a grudge?

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