Woman Who Thinks She Has a Hernia, Gives Birth to a Baby Instead

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When a 44-year-old Michigan woman went to the Allegiance Health facility Friday morning to be tested for a possible hernia, she was beyond surprised to find out that she would leave the hospital a first-time mother. Before the day was through, Linda Ackley, who didn’t even know she pregnant, gave birth to a healthy 10-pound baby girl.

It’s hard to imagine how she must have felt to find out her life was about to change so dramatically. To call it a shock is an understatement.

Linda and her husband of 24 years, Mike, didn’t even think they could have children. “She is our miracle baby,” said Linda, as reported by M Live. She also said that she was glad Mike was sitting down when she told him the news.

“Some people have nine months to prepare. I had (15) hours,” said Mike, as quoted by Yahoo. “I wish someone would have taken a picture of my face,” the new dad went on to say.

It seems that the Ackleys were taken completely off guard. Linda says she didn’t gain a significant amount of weight and that her menstrual periods have always been irregular. She says that when she felt the baby move, she thought it was expanding and contracting muscles and twitching nerves caused by a recent surgery.

The computerized tomography or CT scan ordered by Linda’s doctor revealed that she was pregnant. Initially, medical professionals believed she was three or four weeks from delivering, but an ultrasound indicated that she had been carrying the baby for at least 40 weeks, prompting the hospital to schedule a C-section, which brought Kimberly Kay Ackley into the world at 11:30 p.m.

This event is especially miraculous considering the fact that Linda battled a harrowing illness, necrotizing fasciitis in 2011, which almost took her life.

“God wanted me here for something,” she said.

Since the couple has, reportedly, always wanted children, this will truly be a blessing. This story will surely be an inspiration to those struggling to have a child of their own, to not give up hope.

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