Womans World Cup: Solo says no-no in US Victory

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Just four years ago the U.S. goal keeper Hope Solo was benched by then coach Greg Ryan following the worst defeat in U.S. History. Solo continues to erase any lingering hard feelings as the drama and excitement continue at the 2011 Womans World Cup.

Lead by Solo the Americans advanced to the semifinals in one of the most riveting and controversially officiated victories in World Cup, beating long time rival Brazil 5-3 in penalty kicks aft a 2-2 tie.

Despite needing two more victories before being crowned champion, the 2011 team is already being compared to the 1999 U.S. Womans team, who defeated China in the championship game.

The persistence and success of this years team is expected to increasing interest not only in Womans World Cup but in woman’s youth soccer as well. In the Houston News, Montgomery coach Kelly Farrar spent Sunday’s game texting her players about the back and forth contest. “It was a great game to see how hard they fought back in overtime in the last minute of extra time,” Farrar said. While a boost in the number of girls trying out for next year’s team wont be known untill soccer tryouts roll around in December, Farrar said it can’t hurt.

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