Women, Beware of the Homeless Heartbreaker

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David Klotz, a middle-aged homeless man from Toledo, Ohio, is accused of robbing and sexually assaulting nearly sixty women across the country. Klotz has a knack for posting far-fetched, yet somehow believable information about himself online. He’s been using a computer at a public library to create profiles on dating and social networking sites such as Facebook, OkCupid, and Plenty Of Fish, as well as on teen and porn sites.

Klotz cons women into believing he’s a great catch by claiming to hold reputable occupations, such as an FBI agent and Marine Corps sniper. Klotz has even claimed to be the founder of a highly profitable online company and a former Ohio State University football player.

Klotz has been arrested more than a dozen times on various charges—most recently, a stalking charge. However, he is currently a free man, and is apparently still out on the prowl. Police believe he is now in Dublin, Ohio, searching for million dollar homes with another potential victim.

Law enforcement is warning women everywhere to be on the lookout for the “homeless heartbreaker”. This might warrant online love seekers to ask the question: Would a wealthy entrepreneur/sniper/FBI agent truly be down on his luck romantically? Raise the relationship red flags!

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