Wonder Woman Gets New Look

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Wonder Woman is getting  urbanized. 69 year old Superhero Wonder Woman is getting an updated look, says new DC Comics writer J.Michael Straczynski, who is penning the new comics.

Wonder Woman will no longer be sporting star spangled hot pants, red go-go boots and a bustier. She keeps her golden belt, wrist bands and lasso, but she finally gets to be rid of the hot pants in favor of a pair of black leggings and a jean jacket. . She got her hair cut as well, but the golden headband still looks as cool as ever. This new incarnation has her looking a bit like she would fit right in in an urban setting.

I think the makeover is long overdue. I remember, even as a teenager, wondering how Lynda Carter, TV’s Wonder Woman,  kept her lady parts in that bustier when she was kicking bad-guy butt.

While Wonder Woman has long been a  positive role model for young girls, this look is definitively less sexist. The original Wonder Woman  was an Amazon Princess, raised on the island of  Themyscira. She leaves the island in her invisible airplane, to fight crime in the big city, and save the world on a regular basis.

There is reportedly a Wonder Woman film in our future, but it is unknown if the film will use the updated look, or the traditional sexpot look.

I think the film would do better with an updated Wonder Woman. I also think the new look is more fitting a role model for today’s young girls.

What do you think?

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