Woolly Mammoth In Siberia: Real or a Hoax?

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A woolly mammoth was reportedly spotted in Siberia; and the amazing sighting was all caught on tape! Is this the final proof that these legendary beasts are still alive?

According to reports, a government worker was out surveying for a road that was being built when he spotted the animal wading across the river. With its reddish coat, and long nose, it didn’t really look like your regular elephant and definitely resembled more of a woolly mammoth than anything else. However, it is very hard to tell if it has the curled tusks like the woolly mammoth pictured below. Seeing those would be the real deal-breaker!

Woolly Mammoth Extinct Animals Images

However, if these animals do still exist and are not extinct as scientists believe, then why can’t anyone ever get an actual up close photo of them? They are large and move fairly slow, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find one and photograph it, right?

Woolly mammoths supposedly went extinct thousands of years ago and none have ever been captured on photograph by scientists. All reports come from citizens so it makes the credibility of a sighting a little less real.

Do you think that the animal spotted in the video is a woolly mammoth? Or is this just an elaborate hoax once again?

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