Word Challenge ~ The Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorce Edition

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Hubris means:

A. Hairy

B. Arrogance

C. Bulky

D. Fancy

Plaudit means:

A. Enthusiastic approval

B. A little overweight

C. Greedy

D. Temperamental

Depredation means:

A. The act of willing oneself to be depressed

B. The act of leaving a childhood home

C. Sitting for a long time

D. The act of preying upon someone or something to cause it harm

Complaisant means:

A. Aggressive

B. Complaining

C. Obliging

D. Smelly

Emblazon means:

A. To develop

B. To proclaim

C. To saunter

D. To show impolite emotion

Apotheosis means:

A. To elevate someone to the rank of a god

B. To break something into pieces that can never be repaired

C. To drink hot liquid when ill

D. To develop the ability not to sleep

Sobriquet means:

A. To smell good

B. The act of bathing

C. Hiding a part of a person’s body of which they are ashamed

D. A nickname

Littoral means:

A. Pertaining to the shore of a lake, sea or ocean

B. Pertaining to the health of property owning families

C. Pertaining to the legal rights of immigrants

D. Pertaining to the cleaning of precious stones

Brobdingnagian means:

A. A braggart

B. Violence

C. A riddle

D. Gigantic

Emolument means:

A. Miscommunication

B. The melting of frozen material that isn’t ice

C. A compensation for services

D. Knowledge gaining outside of an educational institution


I have never been happy to hear about an impending celebrity divorce until Katie Holmes filed the papers in New York City.  I don’t think I’m the only one who has issues with public relations oriented entertainment shows (like E! News) trying to sell an image that someone is happy when obviously they are not.  Holmes has sported two emotions since marrying Tom Cruise; one, the blowup fashion doll who smiles, waves and looks adoringly up (or down if he isn’t wearing shoe lifts) at her hubby during movie premieres. And two, the saddest little celebrity wifey on record who is forced to be a lady at leisure because her career has never recovered from the circus that was the beginning of their relationship.  Lately all Holmes has done is walk around NYC is some frau outfit chasing after her daughter who appears on the brink of being so spoiled she may never understand happiness without a price tag attached to it.  Therefore I applauded when news broke that Zombie Katie had somehow out maneuvered her CO$ handlers and blindsided Cruise like a chase scene out of one of his movies.

            Listen, a person can only read so many speculative articles and/or blind items about TomKat without thinking that at least 10% of them have to be true – that whole if there is smoke there has to be fire sort of thing.  Because of all of the recent commotion various sites have put up the old video of Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch.  At the end of it he brings out Katie who looks embarrassed about the attention but happy.  I tell you the contrast is night and day in comparison to the demeanor she has worn for the last few years.  After her marriage there was a bittersweet humorous internet meme “Free Katie” because it did seem as if the cloud of Scientology was descending upon Dawson’s Creek’s Joey Potter’s head and auditing free will out of her soul.  After all Cruise’s marriage history had shown there was cause for concern.  Despite all the decade long declarations of love, he had abruptly and curiously ended his marriage to Nicole Kidman who then later was curiously edited out of the lives of the two children they adopted.

             The good news for Holmes is that the Tom Cruise who divorced Kidman isn’t the same Tom Cruise of today.  Back then he was the golden boy of Hollywood (most people ignored his ties to CO$) and news of the couple’s separation was truly shocking.  Although Kidman had made a name for herself she was never an actress that was embraced by the American public as a beloved celebrity.  I don’t mean to imply that she is or was hated, but she has never had the appeal of say Julia Roberts, ergo Cruise could sever that relationship without much negative publicity.  Especially since, and for whatever her reasons, Kidman’s silence over the breakup made the suspicious shenanigans something that seemed best to be swept under the proverbial rug.

          As the situation stands today Cruise has partially recovered professionally from being the glib anti-psychiatry L. Ron spokesperson that leapt on a yellow couch and declared his amore.  Yet his career is still in a precarious position.  His last movie, Rock of Ages, bombed at the box office despite heavy publicity.  Notwithstanding his oddness, Cruise has always been a compelling performer but part of staying an A list celebrity means you have to remain likeable to the general public.  People can forgive crazy, but they are less inclined to forgive mean (see Mel Gibson).  If Cruise appears to bully Holmes legally then he will further alienate potential ticket buyers and add more fuel to the speculation that his star has faded.

             We all know the heart of this conflict is who will get custody of Suri and when I write custody I mean physical custody not joint (joint was what Kidman got and her children don’t even call her Mom).  It would be unwise for Cruise to start spouting Scientology jargon.  That pseudo philosophy may give him comfort at home and on film sets but overall the public is wary of the Church of Scientology at best and at worst believe it’s a highly organized creepy cult which should have never been declared a religion.  Many media outlets are reporting that Holmes left the marriage because Suri is about to turn six and that is the age when the faith starts doing auditing sessions which if they sound like this then Holmes is a righteous mother and would be a natural to star in the remake of Not without My Daughter.

       I could say more but I won’t.  The intermission is over.


1. B

2. A

3. D

4. C

5. B

6. A

7. D

8. A

9. D

10. C

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