World War II Bomb Explodes in Germany

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Three people were killed in Germany on June 1st, 2010 as a World War Two bomb exploded. There are still thousands of bombs buried in Germany that will continue to pose a threat for decades to come. Rotting detonators will make the bombs more unstable as time passes.

This reminds us there are some very long term consequences of war, something we usually do not think about. The destruction does not end when a treaty is signed.


Three killed as World War Two bomb explodes in Germany

Germany is mourning the loss of three bomb disposal experts killed yesterday by a 2,000lb World War II aerial mine.

Three others were seriously injured by the explosion which occurred when a bomb disposal team was cutting through the acid fuse of the bomb buried 24ft down in the university city of Goettingen.


WWII-era bomb explodes in Germany

WWII bomb kills three in Germany‎

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