World’s Most Expensive Website Sells for $13M – Who Bought

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Who knew in the beginning that the world’s most expensive website would turn out to be It makes sense since sex sells, but it is still surprising that the coveted site sells for $13 million. The previous owner of the site was Escom LLC, and they had to sell the domain due to debt issues.

Who Bought the World’s Most Expensive Website?

World's most expensive website sells for $13M - sex.comSo, who bought It was none other than Clover Holdings LTD. The company paid a rather insane $13 million for it, which is the largest single price on record for a domain in the Internet’s history. That makes it the world’s most expensive website to date. In the beginning (May 1994), was registered with Networks Solutions by Gary Kremen who bought up several highly sought after domain names like and

Interestingly, has been part of a legal battle before because Stephen M. Cohen actually obtained the domain rights illegally using forged documents. After the dispute was settled, Kremen received $65 million in damages and Cohen has a warrant for his arrest.

What other website domain names could be hot in the future? Do you think any will top the $13 million paid of, the world’s most expensive website? It is tough to know for sure, but eventually it will probably happen. Who knows, itself may end up topping that amount at a future date when the domain is up for grabs again. Don’t you wish you had had the foresight to buy popular domain names in the mid-1990s?

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