Worried about Sister Ali, Lindsay Lohan Reaches Out to Janice Dickinson

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Lindsay Lohan is only 25 years old, but she has seen the horrors of Hollywood first hand. She knows how it feels to rise to the top, get caught up in personal issues, and to subsequently fall back down. Luckily, LiLo is starting to get her life back on track, but she is worried about her little sister, Ali, who is starting off in the modeling industry.

Since late last year, there has been a lot of concern regarding Ali’s weight. People started to notice that she appeared skinnier and skinnier. While Lohan matriarch Dina Lohan defended her daughter, people still worried. Now, reportedly Lindsay is also worrying.

A new report from the Daily Mail claims that she reached out to none other than former model Janice Dickinson to voice her concerns. Allegedly, Ali may go overseas for some modeling work. Dickinson said:

‘She asked me my opinion and I said, “If this agency can’t get Ali some work in this country, what good are they as an American agent?”‘

Scarier yet are the claims that Ali’s agency wants her to lose more weight which seriously concern Lindsay. Dickinson said about the conversation:

‘She doesn’t want Ali going away, but worse still, she doesn’t want her to lose more weight.’

The conversation allegedly happened on New Year’s Eve.

Lindsay Lohan definitely knows the dangers of losing too much weight and obviously doesn’t want her sister to go down the same path. It also seems that she only wants the best for her sister, who is trying so hard to make it in the modeling world. If LiLo did indeed ask Dickinson for advice, hopefully she takes it to heart. Dickinson has seen the ups and downs of the modeling industry first hand and knows what she is talking about.

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