Worthless Mother Tiffany Klapheke Let Child Die

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Tiffany Klapheke blames her husband’s military deployment on the horrific death of her toddler daughter—but this really just seems like a copout being made by one worthless person. This is truly a horrific story, an example of why some people should just not be permitted to breed. Her 22-month-old daughter is dead because of her utter lack of maternal care, and the most tragic reason behind all of this is that the 21-year-old mother of three flat out refused to seek help.

Neglect? Tiffany Nicole Klapheke claims her military husband's deployment left her too stressed to care for her three childrenAt 21-years-old, Tiffany Klapheke has three kids and a husband in the military. In fact, she’s blaming her husband’s recent deployment on her “depression” that resulted in the death of her 22-month-old daughter and neglect of her other two kids. When the unnamed toddler was found unresponsive in her air force base home last week, it was apparent that “depression” is essentially a word she’s using for blatant refusal to provide basic care for her children. The tot died in the hospital. She only weighed 17 lbs., and was covered in chemical burns that resulted from prolonged exposure to bodily wastes.

Now the woman is trying to garner sympathy for her actions, claiming that “she should have taken her kids to a doctor.” No, the moron should have simply provided her kids with the proper care in the first place so the neglect wouldn’t have created the medical conditions they suffered. It seems like she took advantage of her husband’s deployment and used that time for pure selfishness while her children suffered.

‘I just got tired of always changing the sheets, so it was on there a little bit longer than it should have been,’ she said, on the chemical burns her daughter suffered, leading to her death.

A fitting punishment would be similar treatment. This was a child who depended on her mother, but instead of being a decent human being the woman let her daughter lay in filth for over a week at a time, just because she was “stressed” and was tired of changing sheets. Her poor husband probably did most of the childcare when he wasn’t on deployment if this is how she behaves over caring for the children that she chose to bring into this world. This is simply despicable!

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