Would Bachelor Pad Winner Dave Good Date a Fat Girl?

Did you know that Bachelor Pad Winner, Dave Good live Tweets when new episodes of The Bachelorette air on Monday nights? Sometimes he has some funny comments. Last night, after Ryan made a rude remark to Emily Maynard, Dave tweeted:

LOL…Ryan just said “if you get fat after we get married I’ll still love ya just not love on ya.” RYAN! Fat girls need loving too buddy! -10 points for him. She did not like that!

Of course, that inspires one to ask Dave his opinion about fat girls, especially since the buff bachelor owns a health business that he’s passionate about at GoodHealthNFitness.com. Plus, Dave has made comments about fat girls on Twitter before.

@whitmanwriter asked:

@DaveLGood Would you go out with a fat girl?

His response:

@whitmanwriter Depends on how many shots she bought me and how many people are left on the planet earth. So there is chance! :)

There you have it ladies. If you are a fat girl interested in Bachelor Pad winner, Dave Good, you just have to ply him with shots and kill off all the skinny women on Earth.

Of course, you could always join his website and get in shape, which may be healthier, legal, and a little easier.

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