Would Kylie Jenner Be A Model Without Kim Kardashian?

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Kylie Jenner just started a serious modeling career, but would she have even been considered if she wasn’t the half-sister of Kim Kardashian? Unfortunately, probably not.

The reason? She doesn’t possess the qualities talent agents usually look for in models, especially unknowns. She’s not particularly photogenic. She’s not particularly thin. Her “angles” don’t photograph well and her facial features are not particularly exotic or unique. But… she is tall (5′ 9″).

Kylie JennerThe biggest indicator that Kylie Jenner is out of her league is this photo of her runway debut on Monday. What’s the problem? She’s having way too much fun.

Everybody knows that models are supposed to project boredom, indifference to their natural beauty and contempt for the audience. Even if that’s not what they’re feeling inside.

Kylie is obviously overjoyed to be in her unique position: being the kid sister of Kim Kardashian. And the whole clan is cheering her on like it’s all just a big hometown sports rally.

Show business has a big problem with nepotism, exceeded only by royal monarchies.

Just because someone in your family is famous doesn’t mean another family member will have the same alluring qualities, whether it be acting, singing, dancing–or modeling.

What is Kim Kardashian famous for anyway? Being famous. So, the position doesn’t require <wbr/>too much talent. In fact, the less the better. There’s something about the train-wreck aspect of Reality TV which keeps it fresh, and the Kardashians are the most inept engineers on the line. But they do put on a good crash.

Virtually all fashion professionals would probably privately admit this fact, but would never do so publicly because of the fear of jeopardizing their own careers So they play along and smile, all the while privately jeering and chiding the boss’ little ‘sis.

In the fashion world there are legitimate stars discovered every year, the most compelling usually from the acting ranks. The 14-year-old model du jour at the moment? Hailee Steinfeld. She’s been nominated for acting awards and one look at a picture of her shows she’s got what it takes to tackle runway modeling.

Maybe if Kylie Jenner is ever nominated for a SAG award, this question may be revisited. In between train wrecks…

Image courtesy of E! Online

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