Would You Go To Work Naked?

If you boss asked you to work in the buff, would you do it?  Of course, this is an easy one for me.  I work for myself and as long as the kids were at school, I’d work sans clothes.  (In fact, I may have already done this but I’m not telling :)  I also write for a naturist artist, so I understand the lifestyle and realize many embrace this freedom.

It would be another story altogether if I was asked to go bare at the law office I managed before motherhood.  Somehow I can’t imagine entering a place known for stuffy suits in my birthday suit.  I also think I’d lose total authority with everyone staring at my…

Anyway, British marketing group onebestway had Naked Friday at the suggestion of business consultant David Taylor.  After six rounds of layoffs, company morale was down.  What better way to lift employees’ spirits than to come to work butt naked?

After a week of counseling and building up nerve, almost all employees showed up for work without their clothes.  Of course it will be on British telly on July 9 in a show called, “Naked Office”.

So how did it all work out? Managing director Mike Owen reported, “We have been so much closer since, professionally and personally. It’s given us that boost I wanted.  I recommend anyone to do what we did. It’s not a sexual thing. If you do anything scary as a company, it encourages bonding.”

Hmm, not sexual…than what’s that boost he’s talking about?  Bet seeing everyone nekkid really gave folks a lift…

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