Would You Rather… Paula Abdul or Ellen DeGeneres judge American Idol?

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Would You Rather- American Idol Judge, Ellen v. Paula

It is official that Paula Abdul is no longer an American Idol judge.  But is Ellen DeGeneres really the best replacement?

Don’t get me wrong I love Ellen more than anything.  If I could have dinner with one person in the world it would definitely be Ellen DeGeneres, but can she judge American Idol? 

Does she have the nerves to tell Simon when he is being an a$$?  Does she really know what pitch, tone, and on cue mean (not that I have any idea)? 

Paula was and will always be remembered as a huge part of American Idol, she was corky and sometimes it seemed like she was under the influence, but she knows how to sing and perform. 

I do think Ellen will bring a light and comedic side to American Idol, which is needed.  Ellen also, without a question, knows how to perform.   I just wonder if she is the best choice. 

So what do you think?  Would You Rather have Paula or Ellen judge American Idol?


Peace, Love & American Idol

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