Would You Wear Your Relationship Status on Your Wrist?

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No one seems to mind putting their relationship status on their Facebook page, but how open about it are you in real life? A French-based company called Buump is banking on your willingness to have it all in the open.

Buump‘s newest product is a Facebook-inspired line of bracelets that, not only state your status in print, color code your availability as well. If the idea takes off, dating could take a revolutionary turn.

You could instantly scan your local watering hole for potential hookups just by looking at wrists or avoid come-on lines if you’re already taken. Imagine how much easier the relationship game could be.

The silicon bracelets come in 10 different options, bearing statuses like “in an open relationship” and “whatever I can get.” The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee, although it’s not really clear how to gauge if they work or even what Buump claims they will do.

If you aren’t shy about putting your relationship status out there for all to see, there are more Buump products to help you out. They have T-shirts and tank tops to let you proudly sport “It’s complicated” or “Looking for: Fun” on your chest.

Apparently, someone thinks it is a good idea. The relationship bracelets’ Facebook page already has over 30,000 likes, but would you be willing to give the bracelets a try?

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