WOW! Thank You Team Gather for An Amazing Celine Dion Concert Experience

I would like to start out with thanking Team Gather for all the hard work you do, and for giving my husband and I an amazing evening.

Last night my husband and I went to our first concert together, and thanks to Gather it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. I won tickets from Gather in the fall to attend Celine Dion's World Tour in Miami last night, and I have to say that the experience surpassed all expectations.

I was a little nervous about not having the tickets in my hand before arriving at the arena, but we quickly found the ticket office, and we were guided to the right line. Now, when my husband handed over his driver’s license for them to find the tickets, we started getting just a bit nervous as they could not find the tickets. If it wasn't because Team Gather always comes through and because of Connie C describing a similar experience, I would probably have panicked. We waited patiently though, and after a while of waiting a man showed up with the tickets in his hand.

We were then guided towards the right gate, and we eventually found the right area as well. As we entered the arena, the usher told us that we got awesome seats, and I had no doubt that he was right, as Gather really is the best.

We kept walking down, down and down until we finally found row 11, which turned out to be the last row before the floor section. We were actually sitting at the court, but in contrast to the floor seats, our section had been raised up, so that we got a much better view. The seats really were some of the best seats in the entire arena, and we did not even have to look at the big screens, as Celine was right there in front of us.


Celine Dion really is an amazing entertainer, and she was on fire from beginning to the end.





She even did a little Latin dancing, as Gloria and Emilio Estefan (In the middle of the photo below) were among the audience.


The sold-out arena was full and breaking audience records, and the audience was really electrified as well. We found out that we were sitting among some of the biggest Celine Dion fans, and we had our own little back up choir behind us.

I have lots of photos to post, but my Internet connection is giving me problems, so I better get this post posted before it goes down again. I have yet to locate my battery charger in all of our moving mess, but my two batteries lasted throughout the concert, and with a flashing no battery light, I even managed to get them uploaded to the computer as well.

Thank you Team Gather for a fantastic evening!



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