Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 34th anniversary

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34 years ago today, on November 10, 1975, the SS Edmund Fitzgerald – aka “Mighty Fritz,” – foundered and sank during a storm on Lake Superior. Launched on June 8, 1958, the Edmund Fitzgerald was the largest ship on the Great Lakes for the next 13 years (hence its nickname). The ship went down with all hands – 29 crew – just 17 miles from the entrance to Whitefish Bay. The Edmund Fitzgerald had a capacity of 24,100 tons and was 729 feet long. No communication was received from the ship. It’s assumed that a rogue wave overcame her in that early November gale.

The Edmund Fitzgerald was the subject of Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot’s tribute, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” In honor of the ship and its crew, here is Lightfoot performing his signature song:

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