Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Sues His Ex Wife Linda; Her Attorney Calls The Lawsuit A Ridiculous “All-Time Low.”

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Wrestling great Hogan, ne Terry Bollea, has added his ex-wife, Linda’s name to a list of defendants in his lawsuit against Wells Fargo Insurance Services. The sports entertainment icon is suing Wells Fargo for failing to safeguard his net worth with a proper insurance policy. As a result of their alleged negligence, Hogan was forced to pay “a large, undisclosed sum out-of-pocket” (possibly as much as $3 million) to the family of John Graziano, the man who was severely injured in a car crash in 2007. The driver of the vehicle was Hogan’s son, Nick. Because Linda was his business manager at the time of the accident, Hogan and his attorneys are claiming she is also responsible.

Of course, Linda’s lawyers see things quite differently. In a statement to Radar Online, attorney Ray Rafool summed up Hogan’s lawsuit as follows: “This tells me his Wells Fargo case is falling flat and he’s scrambling for alternative theories. Hulk Hogan just needs to leave his ex wife alone and marry his new wife. Basically he needs to get a life. His litigation hobby is something we’re over with but we can’t wait to beat him one more time.”

According to reports, the couple, who tried to maintain a friendly relationship “for a while after the divorce,” are no longer on speaking terms.

Yikes. Sounds like smackdown time.

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