‘Wrestling Wives’ Reality Show in the Works?

Is there a wrestling wives reality show in the works? Yes, according to TMZ. It is obvious that the network gods are milking the heck out of this whole “wives” franchise. VH1.svgSeriously, how many more reality “wives” shows will there be? There’s already Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, a ton of Real Housewives spin-offs and now there’s Wrestling Wives. The world is oh, so, lucky to have the bad batch of reality TV that it has.

The true origin of all these “wives” shows is the TV drama Desperate Housewives but at least that one has good acting and interesting storylines. Anyhow, Wrestling Wives will come courtesy of VH1 and the pilot is already supposedly being shot in Houston and will center around Booker T’s wife Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman and the wrestling school they both own.

Some of the other rumored wives making appearances on the Wrestling Wives reality show will be Charlie Haas’ wife Jackie and Jerry Lawler’s ex, Stacy Carter. Yup, it looks like another group of no-named women who were attractive enough to marry someone famous. Yippee. How much do you want to bet that there will be some body slams going down?

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