Writing Myself Into A Corner

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I have a mind that contains what I have learned just about as well as a boat with a hole in the bottom holds water. I like to think of that characteristic not as a defect but as an attribute that guarantees my brain will never be full.

As a result of this uniqueness, I never outline a novel before or during the time I am writing it. Usually I start at the beginning with an idea, then start typing and let the story and the characters unfold. That way I’m always surprised at who pops up and what they say and do.

In the first four books I’ve written, by the time I had pecked my way at typing to what always seemed like the middle of the book, I knew who the bad apples were.

I am nearing the end of my fifth novel, two published, two out for review by a literary agent and now this one that is written as the second book in a series. Having gotten to know the main characters in this story pretty well the last time around, it is really the new characters that offer most of the surprises.

In this book, I have tried hard to keep the reader guessing about who all is involved in a plot to unleash a virus that will wipe out most of the worlds population. And there are at least five significant individuals in the book, which is very near its end, who may or may not be the leading perpetrator. The problem I am having is that they haven’t told me yet if they are or not. So I’m stuck.

Who done it? The fact is that I don’t really know, and that means I’ve written myself into a corner. The last few days I’ve seated myself down in front of my computer and stared for hours at the last few paragraphs that I’ve typed in the manuscript figuring one of them is going to fess up.

No luck yet. They’re all staying mum. I can’t figure out who done it, but then, tomorrow is another day.

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