Writing Pam a Picture (Wednesday Writing Essential)

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The snaking dirt road coursed around the outskirts of town like an anaconda ready to squeeze, and there was nothing but forest.  It was the darkest night of the year, and a chill crept through the quiet house, drafting in through every recess, displacing the warmth like the phantasmagoric non-touch of a spirit left lingering terrestrially between Heaven and Hell. The house was silent but, somehow, not altogether noiseless. The old floor boards creaked as the temperature outside approached freezing, and the damp earth shifted and swelled, slightly, changing the position of the house along with it. Out back there was a wall of dense woods. An uprooted tree covered with sleet laid at the wood line. Humans once long ago lived here, but now it is considered condemned by nature. Now and forever the vines can grow without having to cower.. Have you ever seen such beauty?




Challenge: Write us a picture.

BELOW ARE RESPONSES TO PRIOR CHALLENGES. Please let me know if I missed anyone’s post and I’ll get it linked for next week.

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