Writing Resolutions for 2009

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Writing Resolutions for 2009

1.  I resolve to finish revising two essays and pitch them until published.  Those essays are:  The Cajun Fiddle and The Baltic Sea.

2.  I resolve to teach poetry through community ed.  Spring applications are due January 31st.

3.  I resolve to read a magazine a week.  I'll need to set up a schedule to track that.

4.  I resolve to pitch poems at a cumulative rate of one per month.

Writing Resolutions for 2008

1.  I resolve to pitch at least one poem a month.

2.  I resolve to seek out new writing opportunities, at least once per month.

3.  I resolve to attend at least six author readings throughout the year.

4.  I resolve to teach a writing class again at the Courage Center.

How I did:

1.  Um.  I pitched over a dozen poems, but did I do at least *one* a month?  I'm not sure. 

2.  Yes.

3.  Yes.  ahem, some of those readings were my own.  But I always have others read, too.

4.  No.  I didn't teach at the Courage Center, but I did teach a series of workshops locally.

Here are the writing resolutions I had for 2007:

(copied from old journal)
1. I resolve to earn more money per hour, thereby increasing my take-home pay and eventually becoming financially self-sufficient.

2. I resolve to continue to write my Aunt Margaret (in-law) a letter a month.

3. I resolve to initiate a new publishing venue each month. (gasp–I didn't know I was going to write that!)

4. I resolve to send my children love-notes at least once a month.

How I did:
1.  Yes.  I earned more money this past year through writing than I did in years' prior.

2.  Oops.  I didn't write that monthly letter.

3.  Yes.  I pitched to at least one new publishing venue each month.

4.  Oops!  Stumbled a bit on this goal.

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