Writing to the Prompt – WWE

“Mr. Barrow, please step up and identify the body,” the Texan coroner requested.

Henry, his back straight as a school ruler, stepped up. Barely glancing down, he mumbled, “Yessir, dat’s ‘im.”

“So you are confirming that this is the body of Clyde Barrow, your son?” said the coroner.

“Yes, that’s what I say, sir.”

“Let the record show that Clyde Barrow, shot in Louisiana by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer on May 23, 1934, has been positively identified by his father, Mr. Henry Barrow,” announced the coroner to his assistant, Patsy Arville, an FBI agent, Mr. Syrus Dempsey, as well as to the Dallas County Sherriff, Mr. Justice Harks.

As Patsy wrote down Clyde’s last name, the tip of her pencil broke.


Prompts include:

  • a ruler
  • reference to justice
  • the name of a high-profile criminal (can be first name only)
  • the word “break” or “brake”

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