WTC Cross Pushed to become National Monument

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The WTC Cross would become a national monument if one New York lawmaker has his way. Fortunately American Atheists, an organization for secular thought, is suing to have the monstrosity removed from the Ground Zero museum, so it may be a while before this happens; if at all.

Fox News reports that Republican rep. Michael Grimm wants to push to make the WTC Cross a national monument. It appears that this guy just isn’t as cool as his interesting name.

This cross was a symbol of comfort and hope for 9/11 first responders, for families, for all those that were part of this horrific, horrific terrorist attack. And it’s part of the healing process. It’s part of that closure, and it’s part of the history of that situation.

Grimm plans on introducing his bill idea once House members return on Wednesday. Hopefully some of the free-thinkers of American Atheists and other supporters of a non-secular government will be there to peacefully protest. The WTC Cross is a memorable and powerful piece of imagery. There is no arguing with that; but it doesn’t belong at the Ground Zero museum. It belongs at a church, where it was placed in the first place.

The fact of the matter, is that people have turned this piece of rubble into a religious symbol, and money from the Port Authority or any other governmental body shouldn’t pay for one red cent of it. Furthermore, it’s already a known point that not every American is christian, jewish or muslim. Some Americans are atheist, pagan, agnostic, seihk, buddhist and a multitude of other faiths. If the WTC Cross has a right to be at Ground Zero, then a symbol for every other religion should be displayed there as well; or nothing at all!


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