WTF? Do-It-Yourself Gynecology Exam

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Would you take your gynecological exam into your own hands?


Momlogic’s Andrea: I know times are tough and many are turning to DIY for many services,  but this is ridiculous. I came across this add for a class in someone’s home where you are instructed on how to be your own gynecologist. A rep for the class assured me that participation in this gyno-a-thon would be a “life-changing” experience. “At the end of the class,” she said, a little too enthusiastically, “everyone should feel free to give it a try themselves.” Sounds like a blast. A bunch of women laying on the floor, legs over heads, with their hands up their yip yips. Will tea and cakes be served?

Beyond the creeeeepy factor — at least for me — being your own gyno isn’t a walk in the, er, nether regions. The website Women’s Health Specialists of California makes it sound like hard work. “By using a speculum, you can observe changes in your cervix, secretions, the menstrual cycle, and indications of fertility; you can identify and treat common vaginal conditions; and you can learn what your cervix looks like day by day.”

I don’t know about any of you, but my schedule does not accommodate tracking my secretions and studying the contours of my cervix. I leave that to the professionals.

Do you think there are benefits to a self-vaginal exam? Or would you rather just not go there?

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