WWE, 10/3/12, Time – Ray (CW)

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Challenge: Write a story or poem about traveling back in time to high school.  Tell us what you’d do to change something.



I gave that useless, heavy little baggage of garbage the evil eye on a daily basis, trying to make it fly away.  No one should carry around unwanted baggage for over 40 years, but this one had a mind of its own and felt great loyalty to me.

One lucky day when I evil eyed it, it morphed into a bicycle.  Thinking it said “get on”, I figured, what the heck. Shucks, I hadn’t been on a bike for years, so I got on.  A haze settled in, leaving vision impossible until the bike baggie thing bucked me off.  I found myself on a hill, looked around, only to find myself in my old high school town – a tiny cow town.

Suddenly Ray appeared out of a foggy mist.  “Hey babe, sweetie pie.”

I couldn’t stop my mouth from blurting out, “I told you not to call me pet names.”  This is just too weird.  Was I going to be forced to relive that fateful day?  Was I again to live the next three years miserable and suicidal?

“Awe, come on now, honey buns,” he said.

Argghhh, why can’t I control my body? I had no control and I slapped him, expecting Ray to grab me passionately kiss me just like in the movies.  Not!  Just like before, he slapped me back.

I am not going through this again.  I will control my body.  I will not run away. So, I punched him in the eye.  He punched me back.  I punched him in the other eye and he pelted blow after blow on me.  Then he left with a few final words.  “I hope you die.”

They found me lying face down in the dirt and rushed me to a hospital.  Even though I refused to tell who had hurt me, the townspeople knew.  Ray had two black eyes and a few claw marks on his face.  There are things to be said about a small cow town and sweet revenge.

My loyal baggage soon found me and transported me forward to my own time.  I never found out what happened to Ray, but now the baggage is light as a feather.


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